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"I've been working with Steve for more than 3 years and am continually impressed by his depth of knowledge in all things health and wellness. 


When I need nutrition advice, I go to Steve. When I interrupt workouts because I want to know exactly what muscles we're targeting, why, how they work together, what the holistic impact and benefit of the activity is - I'm a hyper-curious person after all - he always takes the time to provide accurate and thoughtful responses. 

When I want to know why my left leg aches or how to get rid of a cramp in a muscle I didn't realize existed, I go to Steve. 


The best thing about him and one of the most important qualities for me to see in any person I interact with is that he's human and realistic. He's not like many trainers or their stereotype - he's humble, honest, and understands when you're having an off week or when you decide to inhale comfort food or when you can't fit in 2 hours of exercise every day. He's never going to say you're not doing enough, though he will point out ways you can do more. 


Working out with Steve is the only thing that works for me. I can't do gyms because I never learned how to exercise safely or been informed about how the body functions, what it really needs to be their best, and I need someone there helping and explaining. Steve understands that change doesn't happen overnight, that it's incremental. 


I've made unbelievable progress in my personal and physical life because of Steve and his dedication to his craft. I live by Steve's framing that every time you eat is a new opportunity to make a better choice - and I apply this mentality to everything I do now! 


If you're looking for a miracle or to look like a Kardashian, Steve is not the person to go to. He knows that people have a diverse array of body types, capabilities, and needs. You're going to have to put in a lot of consistent and HARD work. But guess what? Steve will be right next to you, putting in the exact same effort you're willing to give. 


I cannot recommend Steve any more highly. If you don't believe me - go see for yourself!" - Shameika

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